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We use Ivoclar porcelains from our D-Sign metal bonding to the ever popular E-Max range, keeping to one company we are able to mix and match different restoration types with good shade matching over the range. The precious metals we use are manufactured by Argen and supplied in the UK by Skillbond.



All our non-precious metal is milled on site enabling a quick turnaround time and producing the highest accuracy and best fit. Sintron is milled in a soft, pre-sintered state and provides excellent strength for crowns, bridge and implant framework alike.

Zolid Fx ML

Zolid Fx ML is a superior high translucent zirconia with a harmonious shade and translucency gradient for highly aesthetic cases. We produce full anatomical zirconia crowns and up to 3 unit bridgework.


Zolid HT + PS

A high translucent pre-shaded zirconia which can be used for single crowns as well as bridgework. 



Zirconia has excellent strength and can also be used to mask out dark substructures (post and cores, dark roots). Can also be designed to produce customised abutments for implant work.

TEMP Multilayer

A milled acrylic for long term temporary restorations. This material has a seamless shade and translucency gradient which makes it one of the leading temporary materials on the market.


A popular first choice for most dentists for ceramic restorations due to the exceptional bonding to the prepped tooth. Can be layered with porcelain to provide a highly aesthetic pleasing tooth or milled full contour to also provide excellent strength.

Lava 3M

One of the best materials when it comes to all ceramic crowns. Ideal for anterior restorations,the leading zirconium in terms of strength.

Gradia Composite

A high strength micro-hybrid composite, biocompatible and kind to opposing teeth.

Argenc Maxibond II

A precious alloy for porcelain bonded gold crowns and bridgework, also implant cast on parts to provide a porcelain bonded to gold implant crown and implant bridgework.

Resin Printed Models 

Straumann P40 3D printer, a state of the art 3D printer which provides a very high accuracy of printed models. We are also a validated lab for Straumann implant models.