Digital Dentistry

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We features a complete digital wing hosting many of the market leading systems.

Our Digital Dentistry wing gives us the capability to manufacture in house and access a wide variety of milling centres around the world. We can also receive digital impressions direct from the surgery, all this requires is the capability from the surgery to export to the system of choice or any open STL file, either of the preparation for us to design or one already designed ready for milling.

We can design a wide choice of restorations from simple copings, temporary C&B to complex implant bridgework and bars with many in between, this can be done completely in house or designed in lab and milled elsewhere if the need arises. We are also a registered milling centre for 3MEspe and AmmanGirrbach this allows us to mill frameworks for other labs. Either send us a STL file from your system of choice or send in your models or impressions for us to design, email  the lab for prices and turnaround times on