We deal with many of the main suppliers of Teeth and Acrylics and can offer a wide choice of denture teeth from the very basic to the most expensive Private ranges and a lot in between. High impact acrylics injection moulding and flexible base acrylics are used as well as metal chrome cobalt and titanium skeleton bases, all these combinations ensure that we can restore what ever comes our way in some shape or form.

Some of these products like the BPS system from Ivoclar, or Valplast flexible options are only available for the Private sector. We also produce gum shields, bite raisers, bleaching trays and some orthodontic appliances.

We produce the following: 
  • Ivocap denture with nexco staining

  • Ivocap denture with optiglaze staining

  • Solvay dental 360

  • Valplast

  • Enigma cosmetic dentures

  • Diamond-D Acrylic

  • BPS – Biofunctional Prosthetic System

  • Cobalt Chromes

  • Tooth Coloured Clasps

  • Diagnostic wax up

  • Sports mouthguards